Hello, Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Tutorial [with a cloth napkin]

Hello, Handy Heart! We are so excited to share our very first post! We are thankful you are here! Here’s a little tutorial on one [of countless] ways to wrap a gift with a cloth napkin (or any scrap of fabric). First, let’s start with the back story. Gotta have a back story, right? Newbie blogger alert!
I [Heather], was shopping for a friend’s bridal shower at World Market and bee-lined for the sale rack. Immediately found these adorable cloth napkins for $1.95. “That’s less than a gift bag!” I thought to myself. So began my mission to wrap every gift I EVER buy (ok, not really) in a cloth napkin. This is my second attempt at it. The first time I did it, I unfortunately bought an iron stag jewelry stand. Bottom line: antlers are not easy to wrap, people! So this time, I went with a more boxed shaped item: a cookbook. Can’t get much more bridal than that, right?

Let’s start with what you’ll need:

Step 1: Right side down, lay the napkin like a diamond. Forming a triangle [think of it as an envelope flap] above the cookbook, align corners to touch the hem of the napkin, about a 1/4 in from the edge.
Step 2: Fold up the bottom corner of the diamond up and over the book. Fold the tip of the corner over the top of the book. (Note: I was supposed to fold the tip of the corner under the book in step 2.  It is sticking out in the picture, It should not be like that! Make sure it is folded neatly underneath the book! SEE PIC BELOW. TIP: If that corner is not long enough to fit under the book, raise 
the book up higher up the diamond.) Fold a crease along the bottom of the book, all the way to the edge of the napkin. [Folding creases is essential to give it a clean look.] Now your napkin is a triangle instead of a diamond.


Step 3: Take the fabric on the left side of the book and fold in half, bringing the corner up to the top left corner of the book. Crease the napkin along folds.
Step 4: Repeat to the right side.
Step 5: Fold the left corner into the center of the book. Crease your folds, and pin in place with a straight-pin [or grab someone close by to hold it down!]
Step 6: TIP: Use your finger to fold up the pucker at the bottom corner of the book while doing step 5.
Step 7: Repeat to the right side.
Step 8: Looks like an envelope now, right?

Step 9: Pinch the corners right above the cookbook, and fold your envelope flap down.
Step 10: Make sure your corners are nice and sleek: not puckering out.
Step 11: Look at your cute little cookbook envelope! Keep the straight pin [or friend’s finger] in while you cut your twine.
Step 12: Tie the twine around the gift horizontally and vertically to keep it all in place. Tie a knot in the center. Thread through the measuring spoons ring. Tie another knot, add your gift tag, tie a bow, and marvel at the beauty! WAIT! Don’t forget to take out the straight pin [or give your friend their finger back].
For those of you wondering how I managed to wrap those antlers:

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